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The Company

"We offer our clients the freedom to create in a pragmatic way"

Enrique Blazquez Rozalen
Arte In Situ Company 


The Arte in Situ Theming Company is a connecting multifunctional tool at the symbiosis of two different dynamic systems, where the formal and geometrical Architecture forms, interacting with the conceptual idea shapes and the obligatory final result is the Object of Art.

For over 10 years, we are bringing our experience of theming to smaller water zones at luxuries Residential areas and Chains of Hotels, as well as large scale and Family Leisure objects, Water&Adventure Parks projects with substancial landscape interventions. The national and private initiative sports, worldly known cultural and educational projects new themed character accommodates a variety of themed activities, created by Arte in Situ Company.

Simultaneously functioning as a hub for the Architectures and the Civil Construction providers for our clients projects, Arte in Situ Company´s team is leading daily exploration at processes optimization, introduction of innovative materials for higher quality and costs saving to insure that our clients remain the leaders in business.

Arte in situ tematización Arte in situ tematización